Arch Linux reinstall script

To suit my personal preferences and diverting package choices compared to stock arch linux I have created a simple reinstall script to suit my needs.


The goal is to have a somewhat uniform way of installing my machines and have full disk encryption for root. Here the unlock key is stored on a portable usb device for additional security. You can argue about the added value over a password, but I like it this way.

The script should also enable me to install a new machine fairly quickly without having to do all the things manually. So if I want to use Deepin desktop, Plasma desktop, i3 or fluxbox, I want to get a working set of packages which I can start working with. Eventually there might be packages I need to do something extra, but I just tried to have a sane default for myself.


I made some choices for myself how I want to install my machines.

My preferred filesystems are xfs and btrfs. For a default install I will probably use xfs, but if I want to have snapshots and other customizability I will pick btrfs. Before I was using syslinux or refind as bootloader, but because this added additional complexity I switched back to grub, this allows for installs on msdos (bios) or gpt (EFI) the same way.

How to use


Basic live env setup

keyboard setup

If you need to change your keyboard layout like me, first thing to run is

$ loadkeys be-latin1

Or loadkeys with your keymap.


Configure wifi if needed

$ wifi-menu

prepare usb ‘key’ device

If you have an empty device you also have to format it.

$ mkfs.ext2 -L keydrive /dev/sdb1

Make the /media/usb directory.

$ mkdir -p /media/usb

And then mount the usb ‘key’ device to /media/usb

$ mount /dev/sdb1 /media/usb


Check some things

get the archlinux-reinstall repo

We need git to get the archlinux-reinstall repo

$ pacman -Sy git

clone the repo

$ git clone

Go into the new folder and run ‘a’ installer (see installer types)

$ cd archlinux-reinstall
$ ./

The script will ask 6 questions and then run almost until you can reboot.

If you run as described above you will get a minimal install of archlinux with my preferred kernel and configuration.

reboot and post install

Reboot and remove the installation medium.

when logged in as root, first run ./ And then continue configuring whatever you want. The inital password for the ike user is set expired so you have to pick a new password on first login. Also this first login should better be done before trying to login with a display manager.

installer types

This is just a minimal working system with xfs or btrfs.

Install Plasma desktop with the required packages to have a nice working Plasma environment.

Install Deepin desktop the way I think it works properly without installing everything of the deepin group.

Installs i3 with some extra packages for desktopish operation. This comes without display manager because I use it with startx.

Installs fluxbox with extra packages for desktop use.


I made this just for me, if you find it usefull feel free to use it. You might need to to some customizations to suit your needs.